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Sony VAIO GT1 Review

Sony VAIO GT1 Review - PCSTATS
Abstract: Of the announcements late last year from Sony VAIO for Crusoe-based systems one stood out from the rest. The VAIO GT1 was in fact a notebook, digital camera hybrid.
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A VAIO GT1 Review

Of the announcements late last year from Sony VAIO one stood out from the rest. That was the Sony VAIO GT1. The notebook-digital camera hybrid came to represent the ultimate adaptation of Crusoe's low-power capabilities. With a rotating display and articulated Camera lens, the GT1 was intended to be an all-in-one mobile digital editing suite.

The GT1 has only made itself known in Japan thus far. The venerable VAIO C1VN on the other hand has been the center of much focus because it was the first notebook to make it to shelves with a Crusoe processor inside. With such a position, comes the responsibility of representing not only the VAIO product line, but the prowess of Crusoe itself. In this regard the C1VN has faired differently depending on who you speak with.

With at least a dozen other Crusoe-based devices on the market in Asia the search is on to see if the C1VN truly represents the potential of the Crusoe processor.

No less determined, we've managed to track down a review of the VAIO GT1 from Japan's Mobile Daily News. Being that this article has been put through the translator, some of what the author is saying may not be as clear as what you would normally expect. I will agree that parts of this review are difficult to understand, but the overall impression presents several key issues with the GT1.

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For this review we are using the experimental model, those which are actually sold may have the possible details differing.

This machine has done the appearance which has feature with the camera attachment, in addition high resolution monitor, in addition the Crusoe processor. With by the fact that you say, it is a machine which attracts attention very well with its' compact size. Seeing the counter and the like, it stands at before and the person where the ball variety the person who has touched, the stands before comparison with other biology relation and the ball variety has touched, by comparison with other biology relation.

But, thing and the animated picture photographing function where price is high amount. Seeing the log, that much which are not felt in high function. But pact the thickly, the liquid crystal is difficult to see the letter being small. The camera part disturbing also when the entry dying so such as, the way. That much because there is a problem as for number, as not sold, Certain. Really, when being the problem regarding the Crusoe, but the number of types which become object is was announced the quantity which is announced to the Japanese consumer and that time other biology was small incommensurably.

Well, this way " however it is, being high, you cannot buy, interest - " with also the head of the machine which is said is the word PCG-GT 1 which is obtained, but will the actual place how probably be?


The basic specifications are inscribed simply below.

CPU: CRUSOE TM5600 600 mhz
RAM : 128 MB/ maximum of 192 MB (as for the inside 16 MB with system use)
VRAM : 8 MB (in video tip/chip built-in)
Display: 6.4 types, XGA polysilicon TFT color liquid crystal
External output: 1,600 x 1,200 (approx. 16,770,000 colors) to dual display indicatory
Example: External display 1,280 x 1,024 (approx. 16,770,000 colors) / substance LCD Indication: 1,024 x 768 (approx. 16,770,000 colors)
FDD: outside by way of the optional USB attaching
HDD: approximately 20 GB (Ultra ATA) (C: approximately 16 GB/D: approximately 4 GB)

Function as the personal computer:

Crusoe 600mhz, 128Mb RAM, 20Gb HDD, 6.4 type XGA.The polysilicon TFT the color liquid crystal, external output 1,600 x 1,200 they are very nice ones. Docking the video camera of 10 time zoom to this, because you hold down weight to 1.1 kg!

Display beautifully displaying in detail is possible. Because, resolution comparatively absolute size is small. The impression which it is difficult to see quite is received. The keyboard key pitch 14 mm is small, arrangement being special, as for the key of right hand edge pushes with influence of the camera part and the others damages, to handle it is so difficult. This way, because there is a somewhat difficult point in display and the keyboard which are an important part as user interface, there is not with what when you saw and as the personal computer now one receives impression

Is, but when it tries using actually, it is easy to handle very unlike first impression. Because as for display as for letter the dot of small ones is sharp, sufficiently you can recognize and, because the keyboard touch has done secure, it can input into that appearance of the. Well, rather than thinking, is the level that, it is easy to use, but is. Simply, the substance is thick and must input the key floating the palm, because, as for input of long time and others you applied.When introducing the item of the keyboard attachment, when generally is, the manuscript is written with that machine, but is, 80, the G T1 the hand became tired midway.

Thinking a little, the LLL battery inserting the spacer of thickness of the unit in rear of the G T1 generally similarly, acquiring inclination to the keyboard, it tried trying also that it inputs. Like this when it does, not floating the palm, because most the finger reaches to the key above, extremely input easily the consumer version. However, floating the palm, when inputting even from, because you feel from the camera in the disturbance, whether or not the comfort with 80 what you say is the difficult place.

Well, that it does not try using the keyboard actually, because as for suitability it is not understood, touching thoroughly, you want to have verifying the exhibit and the like. The keyboard of this G T1 recommends that especially it touches thoroughly, because it probably becomes the impression where the one which touches thoroughly is better.

This way when it tries thinking, as the personal computer when you think of the mini- note PC, you can say that the consumer version is a level sufficiently. If using as a single unit, when you use with the desk, e.g., 80 it utilizes the keyboard and display of the outside attaching, it does, when going out you probably can call best close environment. Me 1,280 x 1,024 you possessed the keyboard of indication possible liquid crystal display and USB connection you tried using with the environment which was said, but it was very comfortable. Also the speed of the CPU it is a high speed loading those of large capacity and it is a high speed loading those of large capacity and the HDD and with the HDD and with as those of this size, the speed of 8 PU as those of this size, the desktop using it is possible sufficiently. However, because it means, furthermore to invest even in the simply large amount G T1, the medium will be in purchase. Well, not being a liquid crystal, if it is a person who already has display in a some way, you think that it is a manner of effective application.

Function as the video camera:

As written with beginning, function as the video camera is not particularly high.320 x 240 dots 30 FPS, 640 x 480 dots of the thing only frame rate of 15 FPS put out there in the consumer version. Retention because AVI type (the motion JPEG) is basically, file size is quite large. If 1 horn subject is copied largely, 320 x 240, but usual photographing painfully when after all you want to use 640 x 480 dots of the picture, it is and probably is human feelings. 640 x 480 with photographing 480 dots, 1 MB to be weak it is a file size generally in 1 second. It was a file size of 118 MB with 2 minute 4 second. It is the case that it loads the HDD of large capacity.

As for the software for photographing it is installed in the liquid crystal. Being one-touch by pushing the right button, it activates densely. Speed of starting is not fast excessively and, is the feeling where also the operational speed fog and passes, but when using making use of making where you could think the using selfishness well the impression is not bad. Several private buttons for the menu also the business first you are confused around the camera, but when it is accustomed, it is easy to use.

Simply, this thinks is problem of sensitivity with, but is not with where and, in the kind of making which considers the touch panel. Because the part which has become sees and is received many, while photographing. Many degrees picked the liquid crystal with the finger.With the making which thought of the utilization of the Jog dial well it is certain, but when of the number of steps of operation is thought, when the direct connection idea contest wanting to touch, it is. If it touches with the usual is pointing device, it is good, but turning over the liquid crystal, it touches with the key it is good, but turning over the liquid crystal, when it puts in a state where it can adhere on the key bad. You cannot use the pointing device. When it is regrettable, when it puts in a state where it can adhere densely on the jsh, you cannot use the pointing device. It is a regrettable place.

Essential picture quality it is, but it is beautiful with you do not say, but it is practical. If just this it is taken, it is a level which you can think that it is sufficient. Management of the file which it photographed, because it is possible to manage with the private software perusal is simple. Photographing with video, not doing that e.g., it takes in, if it photographs, it is comfortable to be able to accumulate to the personal computer naturally.

If these 640 x 480 dots, it is an animated picture about of 15 FPS, it is a level which can be photographed sufficiently even with the price of approximately of 50,000 Yen, but because management is comfortable, also it is easy to photograph. Of course, the substance when it compares with the camera is enormous. It does, either activation of the dedicated software for photographing is not high speed that much. Because, when you think of just photographing the it is. But, when you think of that capacity it can photograph the animated picture of long time in the air false, and/or can use the zoom of 10 times, you think that method of photographing with the G T1 is convenient comprehensively.

When it compares with DV video and the like, if picture quality and the using selfishness although it is inferior, purchasing the DV, are the person who thinks of the use that afterwards it will compile with the personal computer, when the method which suddenly selects the G T1 is easier. Well, because there is an element, picture quality, such resigning. The person who is not done thinks is many with but.

When it photographs, if if this photographing with the MPE G2 is possible, in the wind that although you can appraise more.When you think from efficiency and the like of the CPU, estimate thinking from price of the recent encoder that it is necessary to install the encoder of the hardware there probably is rise of price about of 1 - 20,000 Yen, but when of character of this machine is thought, the one was good, you think that might. When you think from efficiency and the like of the CPU, estimate thinking from price of the recent encoder that it is necessary to install the encoder of the hardware there probably is rise of price about of 1 - 20,000 Yen, but when of character of this machine of the is thought, the one was good, you think that might. When of price of the device whose animated picture photographing of the MPE G2 is possible is thought, it is dense One had price competitiveness, might.

If there is a possibility the next model appearing, want to have it is something which trying to be able to handle the MPE G2.However, because the G T1 is the bio series 1 to the last, it is difficult with you think. The series of biology it is not the case that it checks everything, but you want, but because it was and because if the Quicktime attachment float it is done, it was a motion Jpeg, it can look at the animated picture file which was drawn up with the G T1 many problems 80 without. As for improving picture quality to the MPE G2 being possible, when seeing animated picture in other biology, when it is a thing where the additional wear is needed, as for positioning as 1 of the series it becomes bad.


As for this machine if it is a person who has interest in video photographing, purchasing, when you use, it is a machine which you can use pleasantly not to be wrong. But, function and as the personal computer function as video. The halfway odd feeling has drifted and, using, here is dense. If it groans, the demand that although it is better, coming being made with the variety, it does, Because of the it cannot launch out to purchase very. As written even on, as for performance as the personal computer the sufficient. It is a thing because and, also animated picture photographing has sufficient function Because this kind of impression is received certain but, how without Certain.

If it is a machine whose price is cheap, " this halfway odd feeling " with Because it becomes the word that the word which you say, " balance is good ", Certain but, the GT1 very high amount is the machine. When you think of the specifications and video loading, the cost pas The former is good, but absolute price is high The impression that does not come coming out so cost performance is good.

I myself using, because very it enters into the air, the touch pad. With flannel loading, photographing the MPE G2 becoming possible, similarly value of leprosy When so it is, when it is good to the candidacy of purchase being able to need even, those which are thought Certain.

The variety hard thing was written, but in budget room. If it is a person that, the, it is interest in video photographing, to purchase, The you do not regret probably will be. Impression and the actual using selfishness which which try exceeded.

The beginning when also price was sold was 300,000 Yen or less, but recently it has fallen weakly. When of the time when it was sold is thought it is a difference of good price. In the kind of price where this decline advances favorably, cuts 200,000 Yen. The balance of performance to be good, cost performance it probably becomes the appraisal, very high name machine. And, If with several months it does, it settles actually in about that price. Future trend the pleasure is the machine.


Contents of Article: Sony VAIO GT1

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